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School’s measurement toward Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

In relation to Covid -19 (formerly known as n-Cov 2019), we at WALES had discussed steps for the safety and protection of our students and staff from the virus. The deliberated measures are as follows: • Students, teachers and school staffs are to have their temperatures checked daily (every morning)   • Incoming students shall have their temperatures checked upon arrival • The school shall provide hot beverages such as tea and calamansi drink • The school shall provide soaps … Read More “School’s measurement toward Covid-19 (Coronavirus)”

Guide to changing and cancelling students’ enrollment in WALES

We would like to inform you about our process on students’ registration, changes and cancellation due to coronavirus. Because of the spread of COVID-19, from February 2, 2020, the Philippine government has banned inbound flights from China, Macau and Hong Kong to the country per President Duterte’s declaration. In addition, the Philippine government has included Taiwan in its list of countries with travel ban in February 10, 2020. Due to the abovementioned measures of the Philippine government, WALES will take … Read More “Guide to changing and cancelling students’ enrollment in WALES”

【REAL-TALK ESL】 Pre-assessment

For students who plan to take REAL-TALK ESL on their arrival, they need to have a pre-assessment exam with video call. Why do we do this??  Because there was more efficient improvement and satisfaction if students meet the benchmark below. Without this, students had a hard time talking to strangers outside and catch up with some of their classes. * Not applicable : Those who take ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE before the REAL-TALK.  Benchmark – Can have easy conversation – … Read More “【REAL-TALK ESL】 Pre-assessment”

【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures

  “Typhoon Yutu” is on its way coming near to Luzon. It is predicted to land around 2018.10.30 and staying until 2018.11.1~2.   * It might change its direction to North East. It is reported the typhoon is even stronger than the previous one (Ompong).      1. Cancelation of classes   We might have to CANCEL classes on either  -Oct. 30 -Oct. 31 -Nov.2 *If we cancel 2 days, there would be a make up class on Nov 10 … Read More “【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures”

Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon

  (Picture is quoted from   September 2018, typhoon Ompong devastated northern Luzon.   Terrible landslides happened in the mountain areas and over 100 people died and many are still reported to be missing… In the city of Baguio, electricity, water and internet were all restored. It seems as if nothing happened…   However, many people are still being searched for in Itogon, Kabayan and other devastated areas…   What is CGN(Environmental NGO)…??  The Cordillera Green Network, Inc. (CGN) … Read More “Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon”



    Printed necessary information at the time of study abroad.
    Belonging / flow from pickup to enrollment / school regulation / contact information … etc.

    This is the brochure for introducing WALES.
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  • BESA Manila Airport Group Pickup Guide

    Group pickup has changed since April 2017. We do group pick up of WALES once every two weeks from Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

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