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【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures

  “Typhoon Yutu” is on its way coming near to Luzon. It is predicted to land around 2018.10.30 and staying until 2018.11.1~2.   * It might change its direction to North East. It is reported the typhoon is even stronger than the previous one (Ompong).      1. Cancelation of classes   We might have to CANCEL classes on either  -Oct. 30 -Oct. 31 -Nov.2 *If we cancel 2 days, there would be a make up class on Nov 10 … Read More “【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures”

Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon

  (Picture is quoted from   September 2018, typhoon Ompong devastated northern Luzon.   Terrible landslides happened in the mountain areas and over 100 people died and many are still reported to be missing… In the city of Baguio, electricity, water and internet were all restored. It seems as if nothing happened…   However, many people are still being searched for in Itogon, Kabayan and other devastated areas…   What is CGN(Environmental NGO)…??  The Cordillera Green Network, Inc. (CGN) … Read More “Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon”

Removal of the IDP(Business) course

This would be effective after 2019.1.1 arrival. Should the student’s arrival date be 2019.1.1 onwards, please be advised that we will no longer offer the IDP course.   Up to now, our IDP course has mainly included 2 concepts:. 1. to study effective measures to get a job abroad like interviews/resume-making/document reading 2. Communication and daily conversation in a business scene     This time, we decided to rebuild this program and focus more on number 2 by integrating it into the … Read More “Removal of the IDP(Business) course”

The road between Baguio and Manila is non-passing zone

【2018.8.19 UPDATED Information】 Marcos highway has been re-opened, so highway bus and other vehicle can pass this way.   (Picture is quoted from Victory Liner, Inc. FaceBook page)   Provincial buses (Joybus, Victory Liner and other companies) are now passing Naguilian highway while Marcos highway is non-passing zone.   You can expect 2~3 hours more than usual to arrive in Baguio, vice versa from Baguio to Manila. Night time : Around 6~7 hours / Day time : Around 8~10 hours … Read More “The road between Baguio and Manila is non-passing zone”

Notice of activity with an environmental NGO

2018.8.11 Activity : Tree planting tour Time : 8:00AM~6:30PM Attendance fee : PHP1,000   2018.8.18~19 Farm stay and tree planting tour Activity : Farm stay and tree planting tour Time : 8.18 7:30AM ~ 8.19 6:30PM Attendance fee : PHP2,900



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  • BESA Manila Airport Group Pickup Guide

    Group pickup has changed since April 2017. We do group pick up of WALES once every two weeks from Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

WALES graduates testimony

  • Olivia (22) Female, Korean

    Student information: – Name: Olivia – Nationality: Korean – Program: ESL – Duration: 8 weeks If someone wants to study in Philippines, I believe that WALES could be the best choice for you for two reasons. First of all, this school operates with not that many students compared with the other schools. In the other schools case, they have more than 100 students (even more than 500 students…), but in WALES, they have about 50 students. Actually, although more students … Read More “Olivia (22) Female, Korean”

  • Mina (32) Female, Japanese

    Student information: – Name: Mina – Nationality: Japanese – Program: ESL – Duration: 12 weeks Great school for Beginners! The reason why I decided to study English is in order to use it during traveling. I chose ESL and 3 share this time but my speaking was beginner level that I can speak word by word and understand a little… There are many serious students in WALES with small amount of people. EOP(English Only Policy) is not so strict, so … Read More “Mina (32) Female, Japanese”