My wild youth / Vanessa

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Student's information:
◇ Name: Vanessa
◇ Age: 22
◇ Nationality: Vietnam
◇ Program: ESL
◇ Duration: 12 weeks

English is my biggest fear! Raise your hand if you also have same problem as mine.

At the age of 22, I realized the truth, I regret that I didn’t study English earlier.

Not learning – doesn’t mean I’m bad at English, still I know, I can listen, I can understand little bit but I’ll react if someone talked to me in English.

And you know what my another fear is I’M AFRAID OF FOREIGNER, I used to get scare because they are too big, if I see foreigner when I’m walking, automatically I’ll hide behind my friend’s back. And then, when I’m 22, I rethink about it, the main reason was probably I didn’t dare to face them because what if they’ll ask me something, I don’t know how to answer them.

I had a chance to study English for 4 years in middle school, 3 years in high school, also 4 years in university, of course I’m not afraid of grammar, the problem is COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. I don’t have any confidence in speaking in English except:

– What’s your name?
– How old are you?
– How are you – I’m fine thank you, and you?
– Good morning; Good afternoon; Good evening; Good night,…
something like that


What’s happened after I realized that truth?

– Firstly, I tried everything that can make me have more interested in studying English, but it was inefficient.

-Secondly, I took the risk. I decided to do the thing that I’ve never thought about it before that is I borrow money for study abroad.

– Thirdly, now I’m in Philippines, experiencing ESL course -general English in short-term.

– Lastly, I really enjoy staying here, I like my study atmosphere in WALES, I like my teachers, I enjoy all meals that school have prepared, I like my room, I also enjoy take taxi to go to out with my friends in the weekend.

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Time flies, I remember I was wondering around Tan Son Nhat airport, check in, immigration, then I was trembling at those questions by customs officer when entering Ninoy Aquino airport in Manila. It has been a month already, a month full of interesting things, I speak English everyday, I can feel that my English has improved; I also have meals together with my Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese friends everyday,… and i also go out to drink 1-2 bottles of beer in the weekend, then we meet again the next day.

If I haven’t come back by the end of this year yet, there is only reason is I don’t want to leave #WALES!

I’ll tell you more about my experiences next time.