Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon

  (Picture is quoted from   September 2018, typhoon Ompong devastated northern Luzon.   Terrible landslides happened in the mountain areas and over 100 people died and many are still reported to be missing… In the city of Baguio, electricity, water and internet were all restored. It seems as if nothing happened…   However, many people are still being searched for in Itogon, Kabayan and other devastated areas…   What is CGN(Environmental NGO)…??  The Cordillera Green Network, Inc. (CGN) … Read More “Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon”

【Seminar in Baguio】”B.H.M.S.” famous hospitality university will come!! [There is voucher for participants]

B.H.M.S. is going to hold a seminar about job career and give details about B.H.M.S.  for those who are in Baguio, Philippines!! This university is widely known as one of the top which conducts hospitality management major (such as hotel, restaurant and so on) This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a seminar and even have conversation with personnel  from B.H.M.S. while you are in Baguio Contents of the seminar There are two guest speakers who will … Read More “【Seminar in Baguio】”B.H.M.S.” famous hospitality university will come!! [There is voucher for participants]”

Why we did charity activity in Irisan elementary school

Where is “Irisan”…?? Irisan is a large area located in the outskirts of Baguio and was widely known for its dumpsite. Most refuse from Baguio goes to the landfill – roughly 150,000 kilograms in a single day… Around 110 scavenger families work there by picking materials to be recycled.   Purpose of having the activity in Irisan Elementary School The reasons why we chose to hold the charity activity here are mainly for: 1. Communication English skill can be improved … Read More “Why we did charity activity in Irisan elementary school”

Improved IELTS score in the Philippines!!

Do you know “the Philippines is one of the BEST for taking IELTS score”?? Taiwanese students, Yui and Cora answered our interview. Both of them took IELTS course first and changed course into IELTS Intensive. This is common situation in WALES in order to step up from Beginner to Intermediate level!!   Cora (23) In order to enter an university in UK, she needs to get IELTS score. She got overall band score 2.5 as an assessment exam but she … Read More “Improved IELTS score in the Philippines!!”

We got DOT accreditation!!

  WALES got an accreditation from DOT (Department of Tourism) . which means not only do we provide quality education to all students, but we also are evaluated as a good contributor to the tourism industry of the Philippines.   Nowadays, we can see diverse nationalities in SM mall, Session road… and more areas compared to the past few years. it lets us feel that Baguio is getting famous to more nationalities since it was nominated as “a CREATIVE CITY” … Read More “We got DOT accreditation!!”