Cordiality and Reliability
to Support each student

That is the greatest strength of the WALES education system.

Educational support system

Instructor's guidance is also hot

We only accommodate a small number of students. Why?
To take care of each individual student better than larger academies.
Is it fun for you when there are too many students and teachers that you don’t remember their names or even have a chance to talk to?
If not, WALES is the better choice because of its homey atmosphere. Thanks to its small population, we are like a family mingled with international students such as Asians, Arabs and, just recently, Latin American.

We provide a variety of courses such as ESL, IELTS and TOEFL, and Business English. Moreover, WALES is popular for beginner students who want to improve their speaking skills.

Competitive Teachers

Lecturer training at WALES

Hiring process is strict.

We proceed 3 steps (interview・Test・Demo Class)to hire teachers.

  • Interview: We focus on teaching experience and personality. Moreover we preferentialy Hire a teacher who has BLEPT (Board Licensure examination for Professional Teachers)
  • Test: Applicant must take exam which is made by school based on IELTS and TOEIC exam.
  • Demo Class: Head teacher and HR officer observes demo class in order to check applicant real performance and skill. The point we focus most is not only ability but also attitude to deal with beginner students.

We do two kinds of training and are constantly continuing to devote.

We provide training if applicant could pass those 3 steps. Applicants are finally allowed to be a member only if they could provide high performance during training. WALES has 2 remarkable trainings to regular teachers as well.

  • Lecture training: Trainer lecture grammar and pronunciation
  • Peer teaching: Teachers make small groups and share teaching method that they apply to class. Then teachers can learn and unify the knowledge from other teachers.


WALES has its own 9-level, and based on the results of the written test (listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary) and the results of oral examination at the time of admission, the student’s level is divided. We prepare the optimum learning program for each student according to student’s level and pre-consulting contents.

S The student can be compared to a fluent English native speaker.
A+ The student can express organized ideas and is able to comprehend a wide range of topics with less difficulty. In addition, he has a wider range of vocabulary and can use them appropriately with very minimal errors.
A The student can express himself well with minimal errors in using complex grammatical structures and in using appropriate vocabulary.
B+ The student can express his ideas and has good comprehension. In addition, he has an average range of vocabulary but uses them inappropriately and commits some grammatical errors.
B The student can express himself using different kinds of sentence structures but sometimes commits grammatical errors. He knows a lot of vocabulary words but uses them inappropriately most of the time.
C+ The student has basic vocabulary and can converse using simple and compound sentences but with difficulty using complex sentences.
C The student has simple vocabulary and can comprehend WH-questions. He can use simple sentences correctly but has difficulty using compound and complex sentences.
D+ The student has very limited vocabulary and has difficulty in expressing himself. He can use subject-verb (SV) pattern but sometimes has confusion with the basic subject-verb agreement.
D The student has very limited vocabulary and can hardly express his ideas. He uses phrases and words to communicate.
Upper IntermediateA+8.095-110895-970
Pre Intermediate BB+6.076-85755-830
Pre Intermediate AB5.066-75635-750
Elementary BC+4.046-65495-630
Elementary AC3.030-45385-490
Beginner BD+2.015-29325-380
Beginner AD1.00-140-320