Would YOU like to get 5.5 in IELTS in your first attempt ever???


Student information:
◇ Name: ANNA
◇ Age: 21
◇ Nationality: Vietnamese
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 8 weeks

First of all, I would like to send my best greeting to my dear teachers and friends =))

The purpose of studying IETLS is to experience an entirely new English learning environment. The first reason why I chose to study here is because WALES has semi-sparta system. I really love my teachers because they are very friendly, enthusiastic and make me feel very comfortable when studying with them. On top of that, their teaching skills help me improved clearly, student managers are also very dedicated, ready to support me any problems.

Another thing that I love is a beautiful and full facilities make me feel very comfortable, after came here I don’t wanna go home.

It’s a very first time that I came to contact with IELTS, I don’t know anything about it. However, after studied for 2 months, I have improved a lot. I got 2.5 for reading score in my first mock test, but after 2 months I got 5.0 and I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve achieved after 2 short months of studying IELTS


Thank you WALES for giving me unforgettable days. *sigh* While mentioning about it makes me miss everyone a lot. I already bought my flight ticket. I’ll come visit everyone at the beginning of June <3.