IELTS Course


AIM: Train and help students attain their target score in IELTS
Goals: to attain their aim, the following are the specific objectives:

  1. To teach students specific concepts in IELTS
  2. To train students to analyze written and aural context
  3. To enhance students’ rationalization skills
Required Score and level4.0 band score
( C+ )
4.0/macro skill
( B )
Duration4-24 weeks4-8 weeks
Classes5 Hours–1:1 Classes
2 Hours–Group Classes
8 Hours–1:1 Classes
Mock ExamOnce a monthTwice a month
1:1 classesWriting 1 / Writing 2 / Reading / Speaking / ListeningWriteing 1, 2 / Speaking / Grammar / Listening / Intensive 1,2 / Reading Intensive 1,2
Group class
(except Intensive)
Grammar / Discussion
Extra ActivityDaily Vocabulary Test
IELTS Course
Total Class: 7 Classes a Day 
5 Classes / 1:1 Class2 Classes / Group Class
Actual program for students who have sufficient time to study and may or may not require an IELTS score.
1:1 Classes
Writing1, Writing2, Reading, Speaking, Listening
Group Classes
Grammar, Discussion
Writing11:1 Classes*Introduction to graph/chart/map/process interpretation.
*Aided essay construction and rationalization with model answers.
Writing2*Introduction to one and two-sided opinions.
*Aided essay construction and rationalization with model answers.
Reading*Detailed approach to IELTS Reading skills and structure.
*Practice and rationalization.
Speaking*Detailed approach to IELTS Speaking skills and structure.
*Learning useful vocabulary/expressions and grammar structure.
Listening*Detailed approach to IELTS Listening skills and structure.
*Recognizing details through context.
GrammarGroup Classes*Study of intermediate grammar 1.
*Focus on verb tenses and noun relations.
Discussion*Brainstorming of ideas using IELTS Writing and Speaking materials.
Total Class: 8 Classes a Day 
8 Classes / 1:1 ClassesVocabulary Test (Self study)
Special program for students who lack time to study and require an IELTS score for study/work abroad
1:1 Classes
Writing, Speaking, Grammar, Listening Intensive, Reading Intensive
Writing11:1 Classes*Detailed approach to graph/chart/map/process interpretation.
*Detailed rationalization with model answers.
Writing2*Detailed approach to one and two-sided opinions.
*Development of verb tenses and sentence structures.
*Detailed rationalization with model answers.
Speaking*Enhancement in answering parts 1-3.
*Development of vocabulary/expressions and grammar structure.
Grammar*Study of intermediate grammar 2.
*Focus on modals, conditions, and organization.
Listening Intensive
2 Hours
*Practical approach to IELTS Listening skills with time management.
*Identifying word types and indicators, recognizing situations, word and spelling familiarization.
*Detailed rationalization and mentoring.
Reading Intensive
2 Hours
*Practical approach to IELTS Reading skills with time management.
*Topic discussion and relevance to current issues.
*Detailed rationalization and mentoring.
Daily Vocabulary TestExtra Activity*Vocabulary enhancement using general and topic-based materials
IELTS course 1 day schedule example
07:30Getting up
07:45 – 08:30Breakfast
08:55 – 09:40Group Class
09:50 – 10:351:1 Classes
10:45 – 11:30Group Class
11:40 – 12:25Lunch
12:35 – 13:201:1 Classes
13:30 – 14:15Break time
14:25 – 15:101:1 Classes
15:20 – 16:051:1 Classes
16:15 – 17:001:1 Classes
17:00 – 17:50Break time
17:50 – 18:50Dinner
19:00 – 20:00Go Out
20:00 – 22:00Self study
23:00Going to bed