REASONS to choose Baguio
Recently, a number of people from parts of Asia, indeed in parts of the world, have been choosing Baguio to study English. In general, the main reasons for studying in the Philippines are cheaper prices, close distance from home-countries, and individual classes. In Baguio specifically, the following reasons are given: cool weather, a relatively safe place, and an educational city. Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines and where Baguio is located, is known for its world heritage, natural and historic sites. In 2017, Baguio was named as one of the UNESCO Creative Cities from 44 countries.

WALES Three Strengths

  • Quality education for each of you

    WALES can provide for your individual needs owing to our small capacity. Because of our small population, our teachers and staff can focus on what you require to study more effectively and comfortably.

  • Students’

    As WALES is located near the center of the city, public amenities are convenient, with as little as a five-minute walk to the closest one. Our school facilities are well-maintained and regularly improved so as to make your stay more satisfactory.

  • School

    WALES has a diverse population with varied ages and nationalities. Every student is treated equally regardless of level so you won’t feel left out.
    Everyone is perfectly welcome!


  • YEON (30) Female, Korean

    Student information: – Name: YEON – Nationality: KOREAN – Program: ESL – Duration: 8 weeks Schools have a significant role in their students’ life. To develop and to broaden their perspective, most students have difficulties in finding an English school which can mold them to become globally competitive in English. Yeon, a Korean student was motivated to learn English abroad but had trouble choosing which school to attend. Many agencies introduced to her different names of schools but she needed … Read More “YEON (30) Female, Korean”

  • Moha (21)Male, Yemen

    Student information: – Name: MOHA – Nationality: YEMEN – Program: ESL – Duration: 24 weeks “To be able to learn a new language, you have to see it, listen to it, and speak it,” reas- suringly uttered Mo- hammed Abdulwali Ahmad Khashafa, in short, Moha. This young man, who aspires to be a “secret agent”, deliberately explored his capabil- ities as he stepped into the Philippines. Fortu- nately, among all the schools in Baguio that he could have entered, he … Read More “Moha (21)Male, Yemen”

  • Harry (17) Male, Vietnamese

    Student information: – Name: Harry – Nationality: Vietnamese – Program: IELTS – Duration: 4 weeks   It is my first time to go to Philippines so I did not have any ideas about study in Philippine, especially study in 1:1 class because normally when I study English in Vietnam we only have group class not individually, but my agent recommended me to come here. However I had a great experience living here, people here are so friendly especially my teachers … Read More “Harry (17) Male, Vietnamese”

  • Thanh(36)/Male, Vietnamese

    Student information: – Name: Thanh – Nationality: Vietnamese – Program: ESL – Duration: 4 weeks   Purpose: desire to improve English in basic communication level because I just study 1 month so it’s difficult to communicate well with others Experience: learned more about culture and life in Philippines The reason I chose WALES is small capacity (60~80 students) cater to your needs,focus on each student. About my English: Didn’t meet up to my expectation but I’ve gained more confident in … Read More “Thanh(36)/Male, Vietnamese”