The REASON why you chose Baguio
Now, many people are choosing to study English in Baguio, not only from Asia but also from all over the world. Besides the strengths of the Philippines “Price + One on one”, the strengths of Baguio “Cool weather + Safe city + Educational city” is inspiring people to come here. Luzon island which Baguio is located is well known to have sightseeing around world heritages, nature and historical places. In 2017, Baguio was nominated to be “Only Creative City in the Philippines” by UNESCO. Which is why, Baguio is one of the most attractive places in the world for educational purpose and tourism.


  • Qualified education for each of you

    WALES has small capacity which is MAX 50 students, so teachers and staffs can remember your face and name. Small capacity also means the entire of school can focus on each of you unlike big schools. Staffs who can support your enhancement and Well trained teachers are waiting for you to have high quality classes.

  • 96% Students’ satisfaction

    Brand new school building was built in 2016. Fulfilling facilities such as clean room, school, hot shower, speedy Wi-Fi, shower toilet and safety box can totally satisfy students. Location which is near WALES is also strong point for students so that they can buy whatever they want, study in a café and grab a little beer with within 5 minutes walk.

  • School

    “Do you want to regret after payment?”
    Too many students have regretted studying in the Philippines because of students’ NUMBER and AGE. WALES has around 50% students those who are over 30 years old among all 8 nationalities. As you can imagine, we have homey atmosphere with 50 students. You do not have to worry about your age, nationality, English level and so on…
    We are totally welcome to you!!