School’s measurement toward Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

In relation to Covid -19 (formerly known as n-Cov 2019), we at WALES had discussed steps for the safety and protection of our students and staff from the virus. The deliberated measures are as follows:

• Students, teachers and school staffs are to have their temperatures checked daily (every morning)

Check temperature for teachers


Checking student’s temperature

• Incoming students shall have their temperatures checked upon arrival

• The school shall provide hot beverages such as tea and calamansi drink

Hot beverages such as tea and calamansi drink

• The school shall provide soaps and hand sanitizers

Use sanitizer to eliminate germ on your hands
Hand soap in restroom

• Students shall be informed to avoid outdoor activities and crowded places

Avoid crowded places!!

• Students, teachers and school staffs are recommended to wear face masks

Always wear your mask!!

*If students are observed to have symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, and other respiratory problems, we take immediate action by bringing them to the hospital. The school is conveniently located near medical facilities.

Question and Answer

Question 1: If the Philippine government bans entry from other counties, would tuition and other miscellaneous fees be refundable?
Answer: In cases of emergencies, the school shall implement a full refund.

Question 2: What would be the school’s procedure should the Philippine government ban foreigners from leaving the country? (Assuming that students have successfully entered the Philippine)
Answer: There are no government policies banning foreigners from leaving the country. However, there are special circumstances banning entry to the Philippines.

Question 3: If a student contracts Covid-19, how would the school respond?
Answer: The student shall be quarantined for 14 days outside of school (Student needs to pay for their hotel and reservation) and the school is obliged to shut down its operations until safety is confirmed.
For health purposes and students’ safety, the school shall not provide shared rooms to student s until further notice.

Question 4: Were students successfully sent back to their country? Is there difficulty in going through immigration or the airport when leaving? Will the school provide dormitories for students who have problems in departure?
Answer: As of now, there are flights available and students are free to leave without foreseeable problems. Nevertheless, dormitories shall be provided for an extended stay.

Question 5: Should students put off their arrival or cancel altogether, how long before departure shall a full refund be given?
Answer: Unless the government announces a travel ban (Question 1), WALES shall follow the school refund policy if students decide to cancel registration on their own.