Family/Junior Course


AIM: To attain a family bond while studying.
Goals : 1) To cater and assist the basic language needs for communication
    2) To teach specific needs for each parent and kid.

Junior CourseFamily Course
WALES accepts studying abroad of families throughout the year. We’ll promise that families can fully enjoy in Baguio life with the class system that be consider for parents and in a luxurious facility.
Junior Course
Junior *Depending on the student’s age, test modules are available such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.
*Group Class: Groupings are based on students’ level test results.
Parents Course
While a child is taking classes, parents can choose “any of the above courses” or “no class”.
Care system: In case of illness / injury, our staff will accompany the hospital.
*We have no babysitter service, so parents need take care for own children.
Subject Children Parents
Course Junior Course Option
Duration 2-24 weeks 2-24 weeks
Dormitory Condo Type
Cooking Posibility Allow only in Condo Type
School Activity Not Provide
Target age 7~15 years old
Nanny Service
Nursery or
–  – 
Total Class: 8 Classes a Day 
6 Classes / 1:1 Class2 Classes / Group Class
* 7 to 15 year old students can be accepted to study.
* 9 (international age)-15 years old-Koreans
1:1 Classes
Speaking, Discussion, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Listening, Pronunciation
Group Classes
Listening, Pronunciation
Subject Cluster Description
Grammar 1:1 Classes Basic grammar and sentence structure.
Writing Sentence and paragraph construction.
Reading Basic reading skills for comprehension and fluency.
Vocabulary Word building activities.
Speaking 1 Conversation topics and expressions.
Speaking 2 Giving opinions about certain topics.
Listening Group Classes Basic listening skills for comprehension.
Pronunciation Accent reduction and familiarization through IPA.
Advanced Speaking Plus
Total Class: 8 Classes a Day 
6 Classes / 1:1 Class2 Classes / Group Class
* 7-15 year old.
* 9 (international age)-15 years old-Koreans
1:1 Classes
Grammar Focus, Composition, Extensive Reading, Conversational English, Intensive Speaking, Presentation
Group Classes
Listening, Power Pronunciation
Subject Cluster Description
Grammar Focus 1:1 Classes Enhancement of grammar knowledge as a follow up to intermediate grammar.
Composition Various writing formats to understand and communicate ideas.
Extensive Reading Reading strategies to comprehend, critically analyze, and explain ideas in English texts.
Conversational English Demonstration of knowledge of English through oral communications.
Intensive Speaking Expression of ideas fluently, accurately and appropriately.
Presentation Preparation and giving well-organized and well-delivered presentations.
Listening Group Classes Application of skills and strategies of a successful listener.
Power Pronunciation Production of English key sounds as well as its rhythm, stress and intonation patterns in context.
Total Class: 7 Classes a Day 
7 Classes / 1:1 Class
* 12 to 15 year old students can be accepted to study.
* Required Band Score: 4
1:1 Classes
Writing Task 1, Writing Task 2, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Discussion, Grammar
Subject Cluster Description
Writing Task 1 1:1 Classes Introduction to graphs/charts/map/process interpretation.
Writing Task 2 Introduction to one and two-sided opinions.
Listening Detailed approach to IELTS Listening skills and structure.
Reading Detailed approach to IELTS Reading skills and structure.
Speaking Detailed approach to IELTS Speaking skills and structure.
Discussion Brainstorming of ideas using IELTS Writing and Speaking materials.
Grammar Learn and practice advanced grammar for IELTS.
Junior ESL 1 day schedule example
07:30 Getting up
07:45 – 08:30 Breakfast
08:55 – 09:40 1:1 Class
09:50 – 10:35 1:1 Class
10:45 – 11:30 1:1 Class
11:40 – 12:25 Lunch
12:35 – 13:20 1:1 Class
13:30 – 14:15 Break time
14:25 – 15:10 1:1 Class
15:20 – 16:05 1:1 Class
16:15 – 17:00 1:1 Class
17:00 – 17:50 Break time
17:50 – 18:50 Dinner
19:30 – 21:00 Self study
22:00 Going to bed