NO regret to come / Harry (17)


Student information:
◇ Name: Harry
◇ Nationality: Vietnamese
◇ Age: 17
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 4 weeks


It is my first time to go to Philippines so I did not have any ideas about study in Philippine, especially study in 1:1 class because normally when I study English in Vietnam we only have group class not individually, but my agent recommended me to come here. I had a great experience living here, people here are so friendly especially my teachers and friends. I mingled with friends from different nationality.


After a month, the ability to pronounce the consonant and the end of the word significantly improved, but fluency is reduced by thinking about how to say it right way.


I really love WALES, the worst school ever because teachers and friend are friendly, the homey environment made me don’t wanna leave.

I am very happy to come here, I didn’t regret my decision.