How did I study REAL-TALK at WALES ???

Are you shy type, shy to talk to stranger?
Learned English but can’t really use it.
Understand what others say but can’t reply because of not familiar with reaction.

With REAL- TALK, you ‘re not only study common voca, phrases but also apply them to actual situation. Help you to overcome your shyness with English.

Every Friday morning, you’ll go out with your teachers and talk to anyone you meet on the street, apply what you’ve studied in class.

Elly studied 4 weeks REAL-Talk program with her purpose are travel and be able to use while she’s working.

>>” In order to make my travel comfortable / use English in my work, related to food industory in the future ” is the reason I decided to study in the Philippines. REAL-TALK ESL would directly contribute to my purpose since I can actually talk to strangers outside.

 I could purely enjoyed doing the activity “Actual Interaction” on Friday morning. It is merit that teachers correct and suggest based on what I talked. This is totally different from hanging out with friends on weekend because nobody does that.
On the other hand, Writing and Phone call classes were more difficult than I expected because those contains business situation… Teachers tried to adjust my level and purpose, so I could have catch up with those somehow but you’d better be ready for it.<<