Warm atmosphere like a family / Mei (26)


Student information:
◇ Name: Mei
◇ Age: 26
◇ Nationality: Taiwanese
◇ Program: ESL and IELTS
◇ Duration: 8 weeks


There are two main reasons why the agent recommended me WALES and I chose to learn English here: “Abundant Living Requirements” and “Warm Atmosphere like Family”. For these advantages, I’ll give the people searching English academy a word of advice ”Don’t miss WALES!”.


• Abundant Living Requirements
There are various restaurants and grocery stores nearby, moreover I can shop at SM mall(the famous department store in Baguio) which costs me in 15 mins by walking from the academy. Due to this advantage; while I was in stress, I could take a walk in a park or purchase and enjoy junk food after class as my pleases to relieve stress from studying. As a result, it was greatly useful to do stress relief and earn positive energy back, otherwise I could be willing to study and concentrate on it more.


• Warm Atmosphere like Family
Perfect education policy and correct teaching attitude are so important factors to affect students’ studying willingness and performance. WALES doesn’t disappoint me. Teachers prepared the related materials that is suitable to my needless, and gave the assistance immediately while I faced problem or challenge about program. Moreover they always radiate positive vibes and keep encouraging me, especially when I was in anxious emotion because of IELTS exam in coming.


After 3 weeks ESL program, I studied IELTS course for 7 weeks. During that period, I remarkably improved english ability in four parts and raised IELTS band score form 4.5 to 6.5. Anyway, without teachers’ help and companion, I can not reach my goal and own extremely wonderful memories.