Lara (27)

Student information: – Name: Lara – Nationality: Taiwanese – Program: ESL – Duration: 1 week I really love traveling so I wanna improve my English skills to communicate with foreigners. Serendipity I met an agent in Manila and she recommended WALES to me. I’ve improved a lot due to 5 man to man classes and 2 group classes. I’m not afraid or feel shy to talk in English anymore so I feel that my improvement is quite bit obvious. I … Read More “Lara (27)”

Chloe (21)

Student information: – Name: Chloe – Nationality: Taiwanese – Program: IELTS – Duration: 4 week Since I’m a student and I want to apply master degree in England or USA so I chose IELTS course. The agency of the language company suggested me WALES so I come here. My English has improved but I think if you have the basic of English you cant improve a lot, you only can improve a little bit. And if you don’t have the … Read More “Chloe (21)”

Jin (27)

Student information: – Name: Jin – Nationality: Korean – Gender: Male – Program: ESL Plus – Duration: 12 weeks I wanted to improved my speaking skill and after 3 months I’ve accomplished my target. The reason why I chose WALES is WALES has few Korean students and program that I want. I think my speaking skill has improved a lot since I made a lot of foreign friends. I have positive feedback about teachers, school environment, school policy. I had … Read More “Jin (27)”

Dennis (27)

Student information: – Name: Dennis – Nationality: Korean – Gender: Male – Program: ESL – Duration: 12 weeks Since I’ll go to Australia and other countries so I learned English for my survival. I chose WALES because I wanted a place where I could study right away with few Korean. Frankly speaking, I didn’t study hard so my English grammar just improve a little bit but I think that I have improved confidence in listening and speaking in English. The … Read More “Dennis (27)”

Crucian (11)

Student information: – Name: Crucian – Nationality: Chinese – Gender: Female – Program: IELTS – Duration: 4 weeks First of all, I wanted to improve my English skills to talk with native English speakers better. Secondly I want to have a higher English score in IELTS exams. Then I can enroll a good university. I came to WALES last year to study and have a positive feedback that’s why I decided to come back and my mother can also accompany … Read More “Crucian (11)”