Olivia (22) Female, Korean

Student information: – Name: Olivia – Nationality: Korean – Program: ESL – Duration: 8 weeks If someone wants to study in Philippines, I believe that WALES could be the best choice for you for two reasons. First of all, this school operates with not that many students compared with the other schools. In the other schools case, they have more than 100 students (even more than 500 students…), but in WALES, they have about 50 students. Actually, although more students … Read More “Olivia (22) Female, Korean”

Chloe (21) Female, Korean

Student information: – Name: Chloe – Nationality: Korean – Program: ESL and IELTS – Duration: 24 weeks Living in the Philippines was like looking glass into a hidden world. Since I don’t have any experience of studying abroad, everything I saw was fresh and perfect. I believe that my decision that I chose WALES to study English was right. I could considerably improve English skills in various parts (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and broaden my outlooks. I stayed in WALES … Read More “Chloe (21) Female, Korean”

Zouye (29) Male, Japanese

Student information: – Name: Zouye – Nationality: Japanese – Program: ESL PLUS – Duration: 12 weeks Had many opportunities to speak in English! I had a hard time to get used to talking in English at first because I had not studied for long time. However, I took ESL Plus course which had 8 hour 1:1 classes and that environment kinda forced me to speak English. And after one month, I was able to speak in English fluently and I … Read More “Zouye (29) Male, Japanese”

Ryoma (14) Male, Japanese

Student information: – Name: Ryoma – Nationality: Japanese – Program: ESL – Duration: 35 weeks This academy is for those who…! The dormitory and class rooms are very clean. If you do not like old facilities or dirty places, this academy is suitable for you. There are also water servers and we can use Wi-fi comfortably. The location of the academy is very nice. It’s near from the central part and there is a big shopping mall. I also recommend … Read More “Ryoma (14) Male, Japanese”

Mariko (28) Female, Japanese

Student information: – Name: Mariko – Nationality: Japanese – Program: ESL – Duration: 12 weeks Both Study Hard and Enjoy the Life in the Philippines! At first I was planning to stay here only for one month because I was not good at studying English and I thought I could not continue to study for a long time. However, with great supports of Japanese staffs and Filipino teachers, I extended repeatedly and stayed here for three months! As I was … Read More “Mariko (28) Female, Japanese”