Meeting IELTS in WALES at the first time.

Hiking with friends from other countries.
Student information:
◇ Nane: Anna
◇ Age: 22
◇ Nationality: Taiwan
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 12 weeks

Graduating from university is a different stage of life. Same with others graduated students, I also be a job seeker. However, it’s not smoothly because I am lacking English ability as well as I didn’t have IELTS certificate. Hence, I decided to go Philippines English school to improve my English and I choose a school WALES which is located Baguio center and famous for IELTS lessons.


Hiking with friends from other countries.

First, the school will have an entrance exam and will be based on your grades. After that, the school will give you report card and a class schedule. You will study according to your daily class schedule for the whole term. Then last day of the term you’ll have exam and new class schedule for next term.


Entrance exam score when I arrived at WALES.
Daily class schedule

Comparing with others, WALES IELTS lessons not only focus on test subject also offer grammar and group discussion class and I am surprising with that. All your teachers were asking my goal and they were providing sort of methods to prepare the IELTS as well as learn English. Thus, I have seven lessons on daily basis, and I have mock test on Friday that is teachers provided the practice chance for me. From the training, I built more confidence because I learn a lot and teachers always encourage me don’t afraid to make the mistakes and you can from the mistakes to learn more. Therefore, I am looking forward to going school to study every day. I believe that I can progress as soon as possible.


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