【IELTS】From 4.0 to 6.5 within 4 months!!!!!

Student information:
◇ Name: NIKITA
◇ Age: 18
◇ Nationality: Vietnam
◇ Course: IELTS
◇ Duration: 16 weeks

The reason why I study English, specifically IELTS is I will study in Canada. I really appreciate all of my teachers and school staffs, they help me out a lot. After studied here, I realized that I’ m more mature than before, I can make my own decision. In WALES, teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly, not only as my teachers but also as my friends. Beside that, our Vietnamese manager encourages me to study everyday.



Improved 2.5!!!!

After studied for 4 months, from IETLS 4.0, I can improve my score to 6.5, especially my speaking has significantly improved. In the first month, my English didn’t improve much. However, in the 4th month it’s significantly improved.


Entrance test : Band score 4.0 (Listening  : 3.5 / Reading : 5.0 / Writing : 2.0 / Speaking : 4.5 )

After 4 months :Band score 5.5 ( Listening : 6.5 / Reading : 4.5 / Writing : 5.5 / Speaking : 6.0 )

Official test : Band score 6.5 ( Listening : 7.0 / Reading : 5.5 / Writing : 6.0 / Speaking : 7.0 )



No need to force yourself to study…?!

WALES is not Sparta system, we are allowed to go out after class, but also thanks to that, I can study more relax and study more comfortable

My room was very clean, Wi-Fi connection also stable, food are not as good as Vietnamese food but it’s okay, chefs cook variety of food for every meals. The only problem was that my skin got more dry because of the weather.

My agent recommended me to study in WALES, overall I’m very satisfied with her recommendation. If you want to study in this homey ambience and effectively, you should come to WALES to study. If I have chance to go Baguio, definitely I’ll come visit WALES.

【IELTS】Improved writing skill 1.5~6.5 within 2 months

Student information:
◇ Name: TRANG
◇ Age: 18
◇ Nationality: VIETNAMESE
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 16 weeks

I came here to study with my best friend though the recommendation from my agent. We were studying in Russia but we want to change the environment, so after studied English here, we’ll go study at university in Canada.



Study English in Philippines, especially WALES made me become more mature, think more about my action. I made a lot of friends here, from different nationalities, so it’s very good chance for me to practice speaking English outside class, but we don’t keep in touch much after we graduated since we are busy with our own things.However, teachers and staffs in WALES are friendly and enthusiastic, they helped me a lot.



During entrance exam, my writing score was only 1.5, I got really sad, I couldn’t believe that I got such a low score, but I took mock test again after 2 months and my score has improved to 6.5.



Therefore, in my opinions, it’s better to choose school like WALES, not so strict, not so stressful, you have more time to relax and explore the Philippines while studying here. I’m very satisfied with everything in school, I’ve enjoyed a lot.



If you want to improve your IELTS score in short time and also want to study in not so pressure atmosphere then you should come to WALES to study. I bet you won’t regret your decision.


【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures


“Typhoon Yutu” is on its way coming near to Luzon.

It is predicted to land around 2018.10.30 and staying until 2018.11.1~2.


* It might change its direction to North East.

It is reported the typhoon is even stronger than the previous one (Ompong). 



1. Cancelation of classes


We might have to CANCEL classes on either 

-Oct. 30

-Oct. 31


*If we cancel 2 days, there would be a make up class on Nov 10 (Sat.)

*Students need to follow school’s schedule regardless of their duration or arrival date.


2. Blackout


A few days blackout is predicted and students would not be able to take hot shower, charge their phones and use Wi-Fi…

* We will use a generator to school area.


3. Meal service


We are planning to serve meal normally. However, if kitchen staffs might not be able to commute, simple menu would be served.


Support project : ”NGO × WALES” after the huge typhoon


(Picture is quoted from


September 2018,

typhoon Ompong devastated northern Luzon.


Terrible landslides happened in the mountain areas and over 100 people died and many are still reported to be missing…

In the city of Baguio, electricity, water and internet were all restored.

It seems as if nothing happened…



many people are still being searched for in Itogon, Kabayan and other devastated areas…


What is CGN(Environmental NGO)…??

 The Cordillera Green Network, Inc. (CGN) is an environmental NGO based in Baguio City, the Philippines. Since 2001, CGN has been working to help transform communities in the Cordillera mountain region into models of sustainable resource management.

Quoted from Cordillera Green Network(CGN)

→CGN Website is here.

→CGN Facebook is here.


One of the CGN enterprises is educating farmers about

“Agro-forestry” – a combination of planting Arabica coffee and other crops.

This is for the expansion of farmers’ income resources and forestry preservation.

Terrible condition…

Because of typhoon Ompong, some villages in Northern Luzon which cooperate with CGN had huge agricultural and financial damages.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) even reported a total loss of around USD 496 million (PHP26.7 billion) in damages in the entire Philippines only by this typhoon…

One of the areas affected is Sagubo village in Kapangan. Members of CGN and WALES visited the village to see the actual situation. Residents lost 100% of their livelihood in chayote and coffee…

For 6~8 months, they do not have any income…

Now, they are incurring debts to buy rice, vegetables and other basic needs…

That was all green, full of chayote and plants.


all of it had gone.


Some places posted on Facebook and other social media got support from different organisations but there are still many places that have not been able to get help because no information was given.

Sagubo village is one of these…


According to a personnel in CGN,

first-time donators should avoid giving out of kindness 0r without any knowledge of what people actually need. Sometimes, it may also be difficult for them to dispose of things that are not really necessary for their survival…

An actual area needs to be seen and we should know what is really needed. So that is why we visited the place in order to do proper support for their current situation.


“Rice” and “Vegetable seeds”.

These are the answers of what they need now.


Among the many things they need like money, materials for construction, equipment for agriculture…etc,

“Rice” and “Vegetable seeds” are the absolute minimum of what they need to get for their survival.

“CGN+WALES” Support project


In order to give continuous support until they can harvest chayote and coffee beans, we are visiting English schools affiliated to BESA(Baguio English Schools Association).


Contents are

• Having a presentation about the situation in Sagubo village

• Asking donation for rice and vegetable seeds

• Asking donation of clothes



These will be placed in each school.

・Donation box for money

・Donation box for clothes

We will be waiting for your help until 2018.10.26.


Charity Tour


Not only will you donate but you can actually see how it will be delivered to the farmers through this tour on 2018.11.3.

We will invite students to buy rice and vegetable seeds with the donated money and visit the village and they can directly hand these to the farmers.

This is an event you cannot experience in an academy but you can experience it outside which is a meaningful thing you can learn from going abroad.



Removal of the IDP(Business) course

This would be effective after 2019.1.1 arrival. Should the student’s arrival date be 2019.1.1 onwards, please be advised that we will no longer offer the IDP course.


Up to now, our IDP course has mainly included 2 concepts:.

1. to study effective measures to get a job abroad like interviews/resume-making/document reading

2. Communication and daily conversation in a business scene


  This time, we decided to rebuild this program and focus more on number 2 by integrating it into the ESL program in order to make it simpler/more consistent.

Focus on number 2 is more practical and necessary according to 90% of the past IDP students and through the comments of those who are already employed.



we will provide “Practical conversational skill in a business situation” as part of the ESL program for Pre-Intermediate to higher level.


* Those who will arrive and take the IDP course within this year are still accepted.

* Students currently enrolled in the IDP course for 2019 shall still be under the current IDP program.