【REAL-TALK ESL】 Pre-assessment

For students who plan to take REAL-TALK ESL on their arrival, they need to have a pre-assessment exam with video call.

Why do we do this??
 Because there was more efficient improvement and satisfaction if students meet the benchmark below. Without this, students had a hard time talking to strangers outside and catch up with some of their classes.
* Not applicable : Those who take ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE before the REAL-TALK. 

– Can have easy conversation
– Understand basic grammar and use
– TOEIC : 500 and up
– IELTS : 4.0 and up (band-score)
– TOEFL : 50 and up

1. Consultation
2. Scheduling the date of interview
3. Interview
4. Informing agency of result(Within the same day of the Interview)
→・Pass:Start class after arrival
→・Fail:ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE might be suggested before REAL TALK ESL.
5. Enrollment

Question samples
Q. Why did you decide to take Real-Talk ESL??
Q. What makes you feel happy??
Q. What is your hobby??