Meeting IELTS in WALES at the first time.

Hiking with friends from other countries.
Student information:
◇ Nane: Anna
◇ Age: 22
◇ Nationality: Taiwan
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 12 weeks

Graduating from university is a different stage of life. Same with others graduated students, I also be a job seeker. However, it’s not smoothly because I am lacking English ability as well as I didn’t have IELTS certificate. Hence, I decided to go Philippines English school to improve my English and I choose a school WALES which is located Baguio center and famous for IELTS lessons.


Hiking with friends from other countries.

First, the school will have an entrance exam and will be based on your grades. After that, the school will give you report card and a class schedule. You will study according to your daily class schedule for the whole term. Then last day of the term you’ll have exam and new class schedule for next term.


Entrance exam score when I arrived at WALES.
Daily class schedule

Comparing with others, WALES IELTS lessons not only focus on test subject also offer grammar and group discussion class and I am surprising with that. All your teachers were asking my goal and they were providing sort of methods to prepare the IELTS as well as learn English. Thus, I have seven lessons on daily basis, and I have mock test on Friday that is teachers provided the practice chance for me. From the training, I built more confidence because I learn a lot and teachers always encourage me don’t afraid to make the mistakes and you can from the mistakes to learn more. Therefore, I am looking forward to going school to study every day. I believe that I can progress as soon as possible.


Halloween festival in Session Road, Baguio
Sky Ranch Baguio

My wild youth / Vanessa

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Student's information:
◇ Name: Vanessa
◇ Age: 22
◇ Nationality: Vietnam
◇ Program: ESL
◇ Duration: 12 weeks

English is my biggest fear! Raise your hand if you also have same problem as mine.

At the age of 22, I realized the truth, I regret that I didn’t study English earlier.

Not learning – doesn’t mean I’m bad at English, still I know, I can listen, I can understand little bit but I’ll react if someone talked to me in English.

And you know what my another fear is I’M AFRAID OF FOREIGNER, I used to get scare because they are too big, if I see foreigner when I’m walking, automatically I’ll hide behind my friend’s back. And then, when I’m 22, I rethink about it, the main reason was probably I didn’t dare to face them because what if they’ll ask me something, I don’t know how to answer them.

I had a chance to study English for 4 years in middle school, 3 years in high school, also 4 years in university, of course I’m not afraid of grammar, the problem is COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. I don’t have any confidence in speaking in English except:

– What’s your name?
– How old are you?
– How are you – I’m fine thank you, and you?
– Good morning; Good afternoon; Good evening; Good night,…
something like that


What’s happened after I realized that truth?

– Firstly, I tried everything that can make me have more interested in studying English, but it was inefficient.

-Secondly, I took the risk. I decided to do the thing that I’ve never thought about it before that is I borrow money for study abroad.

– Thirdly, now I’m in Philippines, experiencing ESL course -general English in short-term.

– Lastly, I really enjoy staying here, I like my study atmosphere in WALES, I like my teachers, I enjoy all meals that school have prepared, I like my room, I also enjoy take taxi to go to out with my friends in the weekend.

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Time flies, I remember I was wondering around Tan Son Nhat airport, check in, immigration, then I was trembling at those questions by customs officer when entering Ninoy Aquino airport in Manila. It has been a month already, a month full of interesting things, I speak English everyday, I can feel that my English has improved; I also have meals together with my Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese friends everyday,… and i also go out to drink 1-2 bottles of beer in the weekend, then we meet again the next day.

If I haven’t come back by the end of this year yet, there is only reason is I don’t want to leave #WALES!

I’ll tell you more about my experiences next time.

How did I study REAL-TALK at WALES ???

Are you shy type, shy to talk to stranger?
Learned English but can’t really use it.
Understand what others say but can’t reply because of not familiar with reaction.

With REAL- TALK, you ‘re not only study common voca, phrases but also apply them to actual situation. Help you to overcome your shyness with English.

Every Friday morning, you’ll go out with your teachers and talk to anyone you meet on the street, apply what you’ve studied in class.

Elly studied 4 weeks REAL-Talk program with her purpose are travel and be able to use while she’s working.

>>” In order to make my travel comfortable / use English in my work, related to food industory in the future ” is the reason I decided to study in the Philippines. REAL-TALK ESL would directly contribute to my purpose since I can actually talk to strangers outside.

 I could purely enjoyed doing the activity “Actual Interaction” on Friday morning. It is merit that teachers correct and suggest based on what I talked. This is totally different from hanging out with friends on weekend because nobody does that.
On the other hand, Writing and Phone call classes were more difficult than I expected because those contains business situation… Teachers tried to adjust my level and purpose, so I could have catch up with those somehow but you’d better be ready for it.<<

【REAL-TALK ESL】 Pre-assessment

For students who plan to take REAL-TALK ESL on their arrival, they need to have a pre-assessment exam with video call.

Why do we do this??
 Because there was more efficient improvement and satisfaction if students meet the benchmark below. Without this, students had a hard time talking to strangers outside and catch up with some of their classes.
* Not applicable : Those who take ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE before the REAL-TALK. 

– Can have easy conversation
– Understand basic grammar and use
– TOEIC : 500 and up
– IELTS : 4.0 and up (band-score)
– TOEFL : 50 and up

1. Consultation
2. Scheduling the date of interview
3. Interview
4. Informing agency of result(Within the same day of the Interview)
→・Pass:Start class after arrival
→・Fail:ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE might be suggested before REAL TALK ESL.
5. Enrollment

Question samples
Q. Why did you decide to take Real-Talk ESL??
Q. What makes you feel happy??
Q. What is your hobby??