How did I study REAL-TALK at WALES ???

Are you shy type, shy to talk to stranger?
Learned English but can’t really use it.
Understand what others say but can’t reply because of not familiar with reaction.

With REAL- TALK, you ‘re not only study common voca, phrases but also apply them to actual situation. Help you to overcome your shyness with English.

Every Friday morning, you’ll go out with your teachers and talk to anyone you meet on the street, apply what you’ve studied in class.

Elly studied 4 weeks REAL-Talk program with her purpose are travel and be able to use while she’s working.

>>” In order to make my travel comfortable / use English in my work, related to food industory in the future ” is the reason I decided to study in the Philippines. REAL-TALK ESL would directly contribute to my purpose since I can actually talk to strangers outside.

 I could purely enjoyed doing the activity “Actual Interaction” on Friday morning. It is merit that teachers correct and suggest based on what I talked. This is totally different from hanging out with friends on weekend because nobody does that.
On the other hand, Writing and Phone call classes were more difficult than I expected because those contains business situation… Teachers tried to adjust my level and purpose, so I could have catch up with those somehow but you’d better be ready for it.<<

【REAL-TALK ESL】 Pre-assessment

For students who plan to take REAL-TALK ESL on their arrival, they need to have a pre-assessment exam with video call.

Why do we do this??
 Because there was more efficient improvement and satisfaction if students meet the benchmark below. Without this, students had a hard time talking to strangers outside and catch up with some of their classes.
* Not applicable : Those who take ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE before the REAL-TALK. 

– Can have easy conversation
– Understand basic grammar and use
– TOEIC : 500 and up
– IELTS : 4.0 and up (band-score)
– TOEFL : 50 and up

1. Consultation
2. Scheduling the date of interview
3. Interview
4. Informing agency of result(Within the same day of the Interview)
→・Pass:Start class after arrival
→・Fail:ESL / ESL FLEXIBLE might be suggested before REAL TALK ESL.
5. Enrollment

Question samples
Q. Why did you decide to take Real-Talk ESL??
Q. What makes you feel happy??
Q. What is your hobby??

Would YOU like to get 5.5 in IELTS in your first attempt ever???


Student information:
◇ Name: ANNA
◇ Age: 21
◇ Nationality: Vietnamese
◇ Program: IELTS
◇ Duration: 8 weeks

First of all, I would like to send my best greeting to my dear teachers and friends =))

The purpose of studying IETLS is to experience an entirely new English learning environment. The first reason why I chose to study here is because WALES has semi-sparta system. I really love my teachers because they are very friendly, enthusiastic and make me feel very comfortable when studying with them. On top of that, their teaching skills help me improved clearly, student managers are also very dedicated, ready to support me any problems.

Another thing that I love is a beautiful and full facilities make me feel very comfortable, after came here I don’t wanna go home.

It’s a very first time that I came to contact with IELTS, I don’t know anything about it. However, after studied for 2 months, I have improved a lot. I got 2.5 for reading score in my first mock test, but after 2 months I got 5.0 and I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve achieved after 2 short months of studying IELTS


Thank you WALES for giving me unforgettable days. *sigh* While mentioning about it makes me miss everyone a lot. I already bought my flight ticket. I’ll come visit everyone at the beginning of June <3.

【IELTS】From 4.0 to 6.5 within 4 months!!!!!

Student information:
◇ Name: NIKITA
◇ Age: 18
◇ Nationality: Vietnam
◇ Course: IELTS
◇ Duration: 16 weeks

The reason why I study English, specifically IELTS is I will study in Canada. I really appreciate all of my teachers and school staffs, they help me out a lot. After studied here, I realized that I’ m more mature than before, I can make my own decision. In WALES, teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly, not only as my teachers but also as my friends. Beside that, our Vietnamese manager encourages me to study everyday.



Improved 2.5!!!!

After studied for 4 months, from IETLS 4.0, I can improve my score to 6.5, especially my speaking has significantly improved. In the first month, my English didn’t improve much. However, in the 4th month it’s significantly improved.


Entrance test : Band score 4.0 (Listening  : 3.5 / Reading : 5.0 / Writing : 2.0 / Speaking : 4.5 )

After 4 months :Band score 5.5 ( Listening : 6.5 / Reading : 4.5 / Writing : 5.5 / Speaking : 6.0 )

Official test : Band score 6.5 ( Listening : 7.0 / Reading : 5.5 / Writing : 6.0 / Speaking : 7.0 )



No need to force yourself to study…?!

WALES is not Sparta system, we are allowed to go out after class, but also thanks to that, I can study more relax and study more comfortable

My room was very clean, Wi-Fi connection also stable, food are not as good as Vietnamese food but it’s okay, chefs cook variety of food for every meals. The only problem was that my skin got more dry because of the weather.

My agent recommended me to study in WALES, overall I’m very satisfied with her recommendation. If you want to study in this homey ambience and effectively, you should come to WALES to study. If I have chance to go Baguio, definitely I’ll come visit WALES.