【Announcement of typhoon Yutu】 WALES measures


“Typhoon Yutu” is on its way coming near to Luzon.

It is predicted to land around 2018.10.30 and staying until 2018.11.1~2.


* It might change its direction to North East.

It is reported the typhoon is even stronger than the previous one (Ompong). 



1. Cancelation of classes


We might have to CANCEL classes on either 

-Oct. 30

-Oct. 31


*If we cancel 2 days, there would be a make up class on Nov 10 (Sat.)

*Students need to follow school’s schedule regardless of their duration or arrival date.


2. Blackout


A few days blackout is predicted and students would not be able to take hot shower, charge their phones and use Wi-Fi…

* We will use a generator to school area.


3. Meal service


We are planning to serve meal normally. However, if kitchen staffs might not be able to commute, simple menu would be served.