Presentation Contest

TOPIC: Presentation Contest

1. Presentation Contest
In WALES, we have a presentation training for teachers, which is called “Mini Toast Masters”. All teachers are required to present in front of four evaluators and other teachers. But of course, students can join if they want! It hepls them a lot to find their weaknesses.
 1. Two teachers are selected randomly.
 2. Topics are determined by drawing lots.
 3. 1 min preparation
 4. 3 min speech
 5. Feedback (time keeping, pronunciation, grammar etc.)

I also joined onece, and it was challenging ^^; My topic was “What is the difference between happiness and happyness?”. Humm… it was difficult.
This practice is very effective not only for grammar and pronunciation skills but also presentation skills.

2.The ratio of nationality
Korean 38%
Japanese 15%
Taiwanese 8%
Yemen 8%
Saudi Arabia 27%
Libia 4%

Let’s join the Junior Camp!!

Hello! Our topic for the news letter vol.4 is… “Junior Camp”

1.Junior Camp
We have summar camp for juniors every July to August. Eleven Korean students are joining this year and we are having energetic times with them.
Schedule of Junior Camp

  • Monday~Thursday:
      7 hour classes – .4 hours 1:1(Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking)+ 3 hours group classes(Discussion, Listening and Pronunciation)
     2 hours night classes(Vocabulary tests)
  • Friday: Classes + Events(Speech, Presentation)
  • Saturday, Sunday: Activities (Sightseeing, Pool, Resorts, etc.)

Since our academy was established as a English academy for juniors, we have got favorable feedbacks from Korean parents. During the camp, students and one of our staffs stay in a pent-house. Students are not allowed to go out during weekdays. We can accept children over 8 years old, and parents are required to accompany with children under 7 years old.

Junior Camp is so popular that we do not have any vacancy for the next winter camp, but you can still apply for the next summar camp!
Junior Camp is suitable for students who want to buth study hard and enjoy sightseeing ^^
Come and Join us!!

2.The Ratio of Nationalities
Korean 43%
Japanese 8%
Taiwanese 13%
Chinese 4%
Yemen 13%
Saudi Arabia 13%
Parestine 4%

For those who want to improve TOEIC and speaking skills at the same time!

Hello! Today’s our topic is “TOEIC course”!

1.TOEIC course
TOEIC course was originally included in ESL course, but we devided them so that students can focus on their specific goals. TOEIC course focuses on “Technic” while ESL concentrates on “Comprehension”.
We have experienced teachers for TOEIC and order new textbooks from Japan and Korea.

・1:1 classeses
Reading, Grammar, Writing, Speaking

・Group classes
Listening, Practice-test(Reading, Listening), Mentoring(Review of practice-test)

In addition to these classes, you can have optional night classes(Vocabulary tests).

We provide speaking and writing classes to enhance students’ skills effectively, but if you want, you can change them into reading and listening classes.

2.Water and electricity fee
We calculate students’ water and electricity fee depending on their consumptions. Therefore students can save money compare to other academies.

Clean Dormitory, The Best Location!!

Hello! Today’s our topics are
1. Dining area
2. Revision to the school rule
3. Current ratio of nationalities

1. Completion of Dinng Are
The middle of this May, we finally finished the construction of our dining area. We have a small bar, modern lights and a music player! During lunch time, students and teachers are enjoying talking in English.

We provide three meals Monday to Friday and two meals on weekends. You also have a option without meal service (you can cook in a condominium type). Also students who chose studio type can eat out.

2. Revision to the School Rules
We had two hours night classes before, but we revised our rule and students are now allowed to go out after classes.Students usually go out together and have more opportunities to talk with each other.
Of course they can study after classes using vacant class rooms.

*Curfew time :
  Monday-Thursday 10:00pm
  Friday, Saturday and Holidays 03:00am

3. The Current Ratio of Nationalities
Korean 42%
Japanese 7%
Taiwanese 7%
Chinese 7%
Saudi Arabia 21%
Parestine 7%
Turk 7%

Mingle with friends from various countries in the Philippines!

Hello! From this month, we are going to post our information on this blog 🙂
And our very first topic is weekend activities!

We sometimes have weekend activities which stusents and teachers can join. We usually go out and enjoy outdoor activities and games, and sometimes we have a sport event such as basketball events.

On April 23, we went to POOTEN RESORT, ASIN BENGUET which is located 30 minutes far from Baguio. Here in Baguio, we have many ressorts that we can go as a day trip. For example, pool resorts such as Pugad, Kultura,and the beaches such as San Fernando, San Juan.

Aside from these acticities, students usually enjoy going out once in a month or two months while they study in weekdays.

The purposes of our activities
  • To practice speaking in English aside from classes.
  • To visit local places and sightseeing spots.
  • The day before : Preparation for the activities.
[ Schedule of the activities (April 23) ]
  1. The day before : Preparation for the activities.
  2. 当日:・8:00AM – Departure
    ・9:30AM – Games
    ・11:00AM – BBQ
    ・1:00PM – Swimming and playing games in the pool
    ・2:00PM – Free time
    ・5:00PM – Awarding celemony
    ・6:00PM – Going back to school
[ Feedback from students ]
  1. Japanese/Female (1week)
    I have been here only for one week, so it helped me to make new friends and know each other. We also become friends in Facebook.
  2. Saudi Arabia/ Brothers (2weeks)
    We can be friends regardless of our nationalities. Of course it’s hard to become friends with everyone, but we talked with many students through this activities.
The Current Ratio of Nationalities
Korean 38%
Japanese 15%
Taiwanese 23%
Saudi Arabia 15%
Syrian 7%
Parestine 7%
Sudan 7%