SUMMARY – 7 room types

Studio type

Facilities – Bed・Desk・Chair・Cabinet・Fridge・ Safety box・Bathroom・Veranda・Wi-Fi

※Cooking is not allowed inside room.

1 share – Good for Over 30 / Those who do not like share room.

2 share – Good for 20~25 years old / Those who want to use English inside a room.

3 share – Good for Those who have limited budget / Those who want to have enough space.

There are 2 kinds of Studio type – Triple share below.

◇Living room + Bedroom(1 Single bed and 1 double-deck)

◇Bedroom(2 Single beds) + Bedroom(1 Single bed)

* Request of choosing which kind above can not be granted.






◇Apart(Condo) type : For family (Max 3 people)

◇Separate Single : Bedroom is for 1 student. Living room・Dining room・Bathroom are shared.

Students can keep their private spaces and communicate with a roommate in English with separated bedrooms. Cooking is even allowed inside this room, so students can have more choices like not to take meal service.

Facilities – Living room(TV・Bathroom・Sofa・Veranda・Wi-Fi) • Dining room(Table) • Kitchen(Gas stove・Utensil・Fridge) • Bedroom(Bed・Closet・Vanity)

* Gas fee would be paid by those who avail gas stove.


◇Ladies premium – Single bedroom

◇Ladies premium – Twin bedroom

We prepare the environment that students can naturally talk in English because of Maximum 7 students (Maximum 2 same-nationality). The 2-floor space has 2 bathrooms which can be used by all so that students can feel comfor- table. There is available kitchen which is for those who want to cook.

Facilities – Living room(TV・2 Bathrooms・Sofa・Veranda・ Wi-Fi) • Dining room(Table) • Kitchen(Gas stove・Utensil・Fridge) • Bedroom(3 single bedroom•2 twin bedrooms)

* Gas fee would be paid by those who avail gas stove.


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