Why we did charity activity in Irisan elementary school

Where is “Irisan”…??

Irisan is a large area located in the outskirts of Baguio and was widely known for its dumpsite. Most refuse from Baguio goes to the landfill – roughly 150,000 kilograms in a single day… Around 110 scavenger families work there by picking materials to be recycled.


Purpose of having the activity in Irisan Elementary School

The reasons why we chose to hold the charity activity here are mainly for:

1. Communication

English skill can be improved not only inside the class with textbooks, but can also be attained by going out and talking with people outside. This is actually our strong belief.

In the Philippines, people usually start studying English when they are in elementary school, which means these students are still on the process to be fluent in English. This is a great chance for English learners in WALES academy like Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and some other foreigners to be able to produce an output and even teach kids what they have leaned and how to pass it on properly.


2. To know the ‘other’ situation in Baguio

“To know the situation in another country” is one of the biggest achievement to go or stay abroad.

Students generally stay in a school or only visit some landscapes while they study. Our students were also the same. However, there are many things, places and situations that they can not know without exploring.

As mentioned above, there is also a dumpsite in Baguio and a number of people there live with only PHP1,000~4,000(USD20~40) a month. This information is a good thing to know while students are in Baguio, Philippines.


English games

In order to be closer and have interaction with kids, English game is necessary. We prepared such games that are easy to do and prepare for while outside. If you are also planning to have this kind of activity or even as an ice-breaker in a class, these can help you out.

Group yourself / Gesture game / Vocabulary game / Newspaper game

Donating rain boots

Generally, May to October is the rainy season in the Philippines. Plenty amount of rain make peoples’ feet dirty because of wastes which surround the area.

However, most of families here sadly can not afford to buy rain boots. Kids usually wear sandals, not sneakers so that they do not need to care even if they would be wet…

Imagine that children get wet by dirty water everyday, it easily causes diseases.

This time, we prepared 50 pairs of rain boots to keep them away from this situation. Apparently, students could feel the importance of a simple stuff which we easily can buy and use daily.

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