Cafe you can reach in 5 minutes from WALES

Sometimes, you can focus on studying if you go to cafe. There are many comprtable cafe and restaurant around WALES. Students go out and visit cafe to study English freqently. So I tried collecting fancy cafés around WALES that we can go within 5 minutes on foot. Let’s check it out. Cafe Quoted Café Quoted is located just 1 minutes away from WALES by walk. Interior is very fancy and comfortable. Wi-Fi is so fast. It is best place to … Read More “Cafe you can reach in 5 minutes from WALES”

Why WALES? Let’s see our special ESL program !!

When you study in a language academy, you have to select one from many programs and courses. You might be wondering which one you should choose. Once you fail to choose your course, you might have hard time studying in a wrong way. If you do not want to fail to choose your course, this article is exactly for you! We will show you our three types of ESL course in detail so that you can choose one which is … Read More “Why WALES? Let’s see our special ESL program !!”

The SECRETS of Teachers in WALES ~Pronunciation Training~ [YouTube]

Hello! Today’s our news letter topic is “Pronunciation training”. A few days ago, we introduced lecture trainings for teachers in another news letter. This time we will show you how teachers get pronunciation lecture skills and teach students good pronunciation. When it comes to pronunciation, many Japanese have strong accents, which hinder students from improving their English skills. Therefore we put a special emphasis on pronunciation trainings both for teachers and students.Especially for teachers, we provide 1.1 week special trainings … Read More “The SECRETS of Teachers in WALES ~Pronunciation Training~ [YouTube]”

“Every day training” enhance and maintain the quality of education

Hello! Our topics for today’s news letter is… 1. Daily training for teachers 2. The ratio of nationalities 1.Daily training for teachers We provide teachers two types of training, which area.Lecture style b.”Peer teaching” style a.Lecture trainingExperienced teachers will be trainers and teach other teachers, especially focusing on pronunciation and grammar. This training is very common among language academies in the philippines. b.”Peer teaching” “Peer” means people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type … Read More ““Every day training” enhance and maintain the quality of education”

Learning from the Presentations

Hi! Today’s topic for our news letter is “Presentation Activity”. 1.Presentation Activity We conducted a presentation activity at the end of September,2016. We made groups depending on students’ nationalities and students presented about cutures of their countries. They had prepared for one week and practiced enthusiastically. a. Our purposes of this presentation activity are ・To learn and understand other cultures each other ・To understand the difference of languages and gestures between cultures and prevent misunderstandings. b. The contents of students’ … Read More “Learning from the Presentations”