【IELTS】From 4.0 to 6.5 within 4 months!!!!!

Student information:
◇ Name: NIKITA
◇ Age: 18
◇ Nationality: Vietnam
◇ Course: IELTS
◇ Duration: 16 weeks

The reason why I study English, specifically IELTS is I will study in Canada. I really appreciate all of my teachers and school staffs, they help me out a lot. After studied here, I realized that I’ m more mature than before, I can make my own decision. In WALES, teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly, not only as my teachers but also as my friends. Beside that, our Vietnamese manager encourages me to study everyday.



Improved 2.5!!!!

After studied for 4 months, from IETLS 4.0, I can improve my score to 6.5, especially my speaking has significantly improved. In the first month, my English didn’t improve much. However, in the 4th month it’s significantly improved.


Entrance test : Band score 4.0 (Listening  : 3.5 / Reading : 5.0 / Writing : 2.0 / Speaking : 4.5 )

After 4 months :Band score 5.5 ( Listening : 6.5 / Reading : 4.5 / Writing : 5.5 / Speaking : 6.0 )

Official test : Band score 6.5 ( Listening : 7.0 / Reading : 5.5 / Writing : 6.0 / Speaking : 7.0 )



No need to force yourself to study…?!

WALES is not Sparta system, we are allowed to go out after class, but also thanks to that, I can study more relax and study more comfortable

My room was very clean, Wi-Fi connection also stable, food are not as good as Vietnamese food but it’s okay, chefs cook variety of food for every meals. The only problem was that my skin got more dry because of the weather.

My agent recommended me to study in WALES, overall I’m very satisfied with her recommendation. If you want to study in this homey ambience and effectively, you should come to WALES to study. If I have chance to go Baguio, definitely I’ll come visit WALES.