Cafe you can reach in 5 minutes from WALES

Sometimes, you can focus on studying if you go to cafe.
There are many comprtable cafe and restaurant around WALES.
Students go out and visit cafe to study English freqently.
So I tried collecting fancy cafés around WALES that we can go within 5 minutes on foot.
Let’s check it out.

Cafe Quoted

Cafe Quoted

Café Quoted is located just 1 minutes away from WALES by walk.

quoted inside

Interior is very fancy and comfortable.
Wi-Fi is so fast. It is best place to stay and study.

Cafe Sapore

cafe sapore front

Café Sapore is located just 2 minutes away from WALES by walk.

Cafe sapore inside

environment is calm so you can focus on studying.
Wi-Fi is also available.
Coffee is also delicious.

Cafe Will

cafe will front

Cafe Will located just 5 minutes away from WALES by walk.

cafe will inside

It is restaurant and coffee so meal is also delicious.
Wi-Fi is available.
There is live music as well.

Kafe Kratch

Kafe Kratch

Kafe Kratch located just 5 minutes away from WALES by walk.

cafe kratch

this cafe opens after 6: 00 pm.
There is live band as well.
You can relax and focus on studying.

The end

WALES allows student to go out after class so that you can study at  differenet environment aside from WALES.

Sometimes student misunderstood Sparta system is better than semi-sparta system.
however, it is not really big matter whichever you chose.
important thing is how to utilize it.
Environment is really affect your learning quality.
WALES is best place if you also want to study at cafe sometimes.