ENJOYING is the best way to learn / Yuri (25)


Student information:
◇ Name: Yuri
◇ Age: 25
◇ Nationality: Japanese
◇ Program: ESL
◇ Duration: 4 weeks


Studied Hard, but Enjoyed as Well!
I took ESL course which has two group classes (Listening and Discussion) and six hours 1:1 classes (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar, Pron-speaking and Vocabulary). Teachers were very approachable and funny. I enjoyed talking with them in classes so much.


The academy was new and clean. I stayed in triple share and it was roomy. My roommates were both Taiwanese so I talked with them in English all the time. It was very good environment to practice speaking English. I also could use Wi-fi without so much stress. When something happened, the staffs here dealt with them immediately.


The students here was studying hard, which encouraged me to study more! Also, there are various age students here and we become friends regardless of our nationalities and ages.


I recommend WALES to you if you want to study and enjoy English at the same time!!