Removal of the IDP(Business) course

This would be effective after 2019.1.1 arrival. Should the student’s arrival date be 2019.1.1 onwards, please be advised that we will no longer offer the IDP course.


Up to now, our IDP course has mainly included 2 concepts:.

1. to study effective measures to get a job abroad like interviews/resume-making/document reading

2. Communication and daily conversation in a business scene


  This time, we decided to rebuild this program and focus more on number 2 by integrating it into the ESL program in order to make it simpler/more consistent.

Focus on number 2 is more practical and necessary according to 90% of the past IDP students and through the comments of those who are already employed.



we will provide “Practical conversational skill in a business situation” as part of the ESL program for Pre-Intermediate to higher level.


* Those who will arrive and take the IDP course within this year are still accepted.

* Students currently enrolled in the IDP course for 2019 shall still be under the current IDP program.