“Every day training” enhance and maintain the quality of education

Hello! Our topics for today’s news letter is…
1. Daily training for teachers
2. The ratio of nationalities

1.Daily training for teachers
We provide teachers two types of training, which are
a.Lecture style
b.”Peer teaching” style
a.Lecture training
Experienced teachers will be trainers and teach other teachers, especially focusing on pronunciation and grammar. This training is very common among language academies in the philippines.
b.”Peer teaching”
“Peer” means people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc.

In “Peer teaching” training,teachers make groups of 4-5 people (usually the members of groups are close friends), and teach their strong subjects each other. It is just like a combination of lectures and discussions. For instance, one teacher share his or her teaching methods with other teachers. After that, other teachers ask questions and they start discussions. As they are “peers”, the duscussions would be more active and effective to find the best way of teaching.

WALES maintains high quality of education by doing daily training for teachers.
2. The ration of nationalities(November 14, 2016)
Korean 44%
Japanese 10%
Taiwanese 12%
Yemen 12%
Saudi Arabia 15%
Palestine 7%