Learning from the Presentations

Hi! Today’s topic for our news letter is “Presentation Activity”.

1.Presentation Activity
We conducted a presentation activity at the end of September,2016.
We made groups depending on students’ nationalities and students presented about cutures of their countries. They had prepared for one week and practiced enthusiastically.
a. Our purposes of this presentation activity are
・To learn and understand other cultures each other
・To understand the difference of languages and gestures between cultures and prevent misunderstandings.
b. The contents of students’ presentations are
・Tabbo manners
・Unique bahaviours and cultures in theie countries
・Sightseeing spots
・Family cultures etc.
c. Time Table
9:00-9:30 Taiwan (including questions)
9:30-10:00 Japan
10:00-10:30 Saudi Arabia
10:30-11:00 Korea
11:00-11:30 Comments
Many students asked questions and we had good debates together. By answering questions, we also found new aspeccts of our cultures.
After the presentation activity, students got feedbacks on their grammar, pronunciation and presentation structures in the afternoon classes, which led students to enhance their speaking skills.
2.The Ratio of Nationalities (October 6, 2016)
Korean 36%
Japanese 18%
Taiwanese 4%
Yemen 18%
Saudi Arabia 18%
Parestine 4%