Student’s progress – Max

“Is it possible to go studying abroad even people in thirties …?”

Some of those thinking about studying abroad in their thirties or forties, it might be that to hesitate to study abroad for their age.
Mr. MAX who shot this time was 31 years old and took the IELTS exam preparation course.
While working for a Japanese company, he took a leave for a year for attend a graduate school in Europe, and decided to study in Baguio, Philippines for 2 months.

Baguio is known as the best place for adults studying. Asia’s top security, and a year-round climate like the autumn of Japan (annual average of 19.2 ° C).
And WALES English school has a small scale of 50 people, but with a wide range of nationality and age groups mixed up, we have a cozy environment that always uses English.