◇ Ladies Premium
◇ Apart type – Separate Single

※Room names would be a bit changed based on nationalities.

Luxury rooms will be availed as share house type.
It is certain that you can feel comfortable to stay and study in Baguio, the Philippines!!


[ Ladies Premium ]
This room is made only for women which can accommodate 7 people as maximum.
Room type is a pent-house, on the top floor of building. You can see dining area, living room and kitchen as you opened the door. You are able to have conversation with other nationalities with being relaxed. Including 2nd floor, there are 5 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms.These can fulfill your “want” besides your study.
・ Only Women
・ 2 same-nationality students
・ Avalable kitchen
Single Bedroom: $540
Twin Bedroom: $420
* Price for 4 weeks  /  * Electric and Water fee: P2,000


[ Apart type – Separate Single ]
Now, our Condo type is available as share house type. Separated bedrooms but living room and dining area are o share. This let students talk with another nationality but fulfill a common needs which “I wanna practice English in my room but wanna have private space at the same time…”
・ Private time + Practice English
・ Chill our with a big living room
・ Avalable kitchen
Single Bedroom: $750
* Price for 4 weeks  /  * Electric and Water fee: P4,000