Clean Dormitory, The Best Location!!

Hello! Today’s our topics are
1. Dining area
2. Revision to the school rule
3. Current ratio of nationalities

1. Completion of Dinng Are
The middle of this May, we finally finished the construction of our dining area. We have a small bar, modern lights and a music player! During lunch time, students and teachers are enjoying talking in English.

We provide three meals Monday to Friday and two meals on weekends. You also have a option without meal service (you can cook in a condominium type). Also students who chose studio type can eat out.

2. Revision to the School Rules
We had two hours night classes before, but we revised our rule and students are now allowed to go out after classes.Students usually go out together and have more opportunities to talk with each other.
Of course they can study after classes using vacant class rooms.

*Curfew time :
  Monday-Thursday 10:00pm
  Friday, Saturday and Holidays 03:00am

3. The Current Ratio of Nationalities
Korean 42%
Japanese 7%
Taiwanese 7%
Chinese 7%
Saudi Arabia 21%
Parestine 7%
Turk 7%