Junior ESL course primarily provides students with the English skills needed for academic advancement.

Total Class: 8 Classes a Day

Group ClassesListening To expose and develop students active listening skills 
GrammarTo introduce and help students understand higher forms of grammatical structures
Pronunciation To help student’s focus on sentence stress, intonation, blending and proper phrasing.
1:1Speaking 1To get students respond and practice the language with guided questions.
Speaking 2Provides students additional speaking practice with different interactive activities.
WritingIntends to help students understand and apply proper and correct writing structures
ReadingEquip students with necessary reading skills that enable them to comprehend academic texts.
VocabularyAims to expand student’s vocabulary bank and help them use the words accurately.


This course is designed to prepare junior students with essential skills and knowledge they need in order to attain their target band score. 

LevelCEFRAssessment Score
IntensiveC1-C26.0 and above

Jr. IELTS Developing (4.0-5.5)

IELTS Developing focuses on the exercises to give students the opportunity to practice the skills, process information and acquire strategies.

Total Class: 7 Classes a Day

IELTS JR. Developing

Jr. IELTS INTENSIVE (6.0 and above)

IELTS Intensive focuses on intensive practice for further enhancement on the skills.

Total Class: 7 Classes a Day

Group ClassesGrammarIntends to help students with the appropriate use of punctuations and grammatical structures which is essential for IELTS writing tasks. 
Discussion Discussion Class aids students in addressing questions for IELTS writing task 2. It helps them learn and exchange new ideas about a certain topic.
1:1ListeningTo introduce and familiarize students on different IELTS Listening question types and learn different strategies on how to answer questions within the given time.
Reading To introduce and familiarize students on different IELTS Reading question types and learn strategies to be able to answer all the questions within the given time.
SpeakingLearners will learn how to respond and expand their answers using wide range of lexical resource and sentence structures in a fluent manner.
Writing 1Writing task1 focuses on how students structure their writing from Introduction, body and conclusion.
Writing 2Writing task 2 focuses on paraphrasing, task achievement and proper organization of the student’s writing.
Self- Monitored Vocabulary and Writing workbook Extra vocabulary and writing workbook provide students opportunity for more practice.