Chloe (22) Female, Korean

The choice of living in the Philippines was an unknown challenge that I had never experienced. Everything about studying abroad was fresh and attractive and I am convinced that WALES was the correct answer among them.

I was able to improve all the skills of each part (listening, reading, writing, speaking) in English learning and expanded my horizons.
I have studied here for 6 months in total (ESL 2 months, IELTS 4 months). Among them, I was able to learn the basics through ESL, so IELTS in a completely different style from TOEIC and OPIC was able to study without resistance.

It may have been giving up if there were no teachers who are familiar with the weaknesses of the students, but they always supported me and they got me in a relationship like a friend. In addition to study, I learned to learn and use English fundamentally and practically.

I am very thankful to the teachers and friends and I got a lot of things I can not forget in WALES ‘s study abroad life.