Aurora (30) Female, Taiwanese

I recognize that studying in a class has come out as a score of conversation and test.
Six months have passed since I came to WALES, but the TOEIC score when I came was a terrible result of 356 points … Then I studied with the 3 month ESL Flexible program and it was a short time of 5 hours a day class Regardless of that, I finally got a score of 722, almost double the score.

After taking the ESL Flexible for 3 months, I have changed the course to IELTS and it has been growing gradually from 4.0 to 5.0 although it has been about two months now.

The teachers are very hardworking, and I am very particular about preparing for classes to extend the students’ score. Specifically, how to use “example” differs depending on the teacher.
Some teachers change the construction and contents of “example” sentences according to students ‘goals and hobbies, others teachers aim to constantly make students’ sentences and actually use them in conversation and examination.

But, of course, not only good points but also minus aspects.
Because Koreans are about half of the students, when they go outside, they are mostly Korean conversations and less opportunities to talk in English. There are parts that I will not speak from me, but if I have opportunities to act with students from other countries I feel that the weekends will be fulfilling. However, I’m satisfied with my current environment and I am very grateful for feeling passion of teachers.