Marie (22) Female, Japanese

WALES is the best school to learn English. I will evaluate this school for the following three reasons.

In the beginning, I feel that it is the strength of this school to be able to interact with students from various countries. When I came, there was only one Japanese, so I could have many opportunities to speak English inevitably. I think that it was a very appreciated environment for me who had made the improvement of speaking one of the purposes of study abroad.
Also, some of the students came from Arab countries and it was a fresh experience for themselves who have never interacted with Arabs. Living in a person with different nationality can be hard work but a valuable experience was learned in learning mutual understanding of culture.

Next, I think WALES is the most comprehensive on the facility side among schools in Baguio. I am grateful that I have studied in a comfortable environment.
Baguio also has few insects. I am not good at insects, so I think that it was good to choose here even at that point.

Finally, I was able to significantly increase the score of TOEIC. The score which was 705 points before coming here began to exceed 850 points in two months. Since I have not received an official TOEIC yet, I am planning to come back to Japan, but I believe that I can progress my job hunting activities advantageously.

I appreciate the enthusiastic guidance of teachers at WALES. For the above reasons I will recommend this school. If you are enrolled in WALES, a multinational friend, and a wonderful environment will be waiting for you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect to your future.