Remi (20) Female, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Remi
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: IELTS Intensive
– Duration: 12 weeks

Good for IELTS Study!
I choose IELTS Intensive course here. Teachers were trained to teach IELTS and I had high-quality classes and enjoyed my study. Though it was hard to get used to the hard schedule of IELTS Intensive, I achieved higher score than before, from 4.5 to 6.0!! Besides, my speaking skill was also improved during my stay in the Philippines.

The facilities were clean and neat. Although there was some Wi-fi problems, the owner and the Japanese manager dealt with it immediately. All staffs here were considerate and hospitable.

I recommend this academy to you if you want to get higher score in IELTS and TOEIC. I stayed here for three months and improved my English a lot! For those who are very beginners or who are not good at grammar, it might be hard because all textbooks were written in English. However, if you want high-quality classes and teachers, WALES is the best place to study!!!