Marie (21) Female, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Marie
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: TOEIC
– Duration: 16 weeks

WALES is wonderful environment to study English. I have tree reason to recommend this academy.

Firstly, this school is multinational so I should speak English compulsorily to live here. One of the my objective to come here was improving speaking skill that’s why it was best condition. In addition, I could have various national friends especially Arab students because I had not talked with them before coming here. It was valuable experience for me then, I learned importance of the cultural mutual understanding.

Moreover, I thought that this academy’s facilities are cleanest in the school in Baguio. I’m thankful that I could study by the comfortable environment. In addition, there were not insects in Baguio city. Actually, I do not like insect so it was also good point to study here in Baguio.

Finally, I could improve my TOEIC score. When I came here my score was 705 however after taking class for two months I could get beyond 850 points continually by a practice test. I’ll take formal TOEIC after I return to Japan.
If I can get a high score, it would be the confidence to apply foreign affiliated company. I thought that my teachers devoting correspondence led to a score rise.

I strongly recommend this academy. If you come here, multinational friends and the wonderful environment would wait for you. Furthermore, it would be possible to obtain the chance to get in touch in your future.