Olivia (22) Female, Korean

Student information:
– Name: Olivia
– Nationality: Korean
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 8 weeks

If someone wants to study in Philippines, I believe that WALES could be the best choice for you for two reasons.

First of all, this school operates with not that many students compared with the other schools. In the other schools case, they have more than 100 students (even more than 500 students…), but in WALES, they have about 50 students. Actually, although more students are enrolling nowadays, I heard that the maximum number of students will be 70. Therefore, teachers can concentrate on their students respectively and be interested in their students. In addition, students can feel strong bond or affection with teachers.

Second, in this school, a student could mix with variety of nationalities. In here, I could get along with Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino and Korean. Of course, there are more Koreans rather than the other nationalities, but still there are many foreigners. I was able to learn their cultures which are totally different with Korean’s. I could experience Japan, Taiwan and the other countries in Philippines. Up until now, I think that the biggest thing I got in WALES is ‘friends’.

In summary, if someone come to WALES to study English, at least, he or she would feel bonds with teachers and get many foreigner friends. There might be some drawbacks in here, but I am satisfied with my life in WALES.