Mariko (28) Female, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Mariko
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 12 weeks

Both Study Hard and Enjoy the Life in the Philippines!
At first I was planning to stay here only for one month because I was not good at studying English and I thought I could not continue to study for a long time. However, with great supports of Japanese staffs and Filipino teachers, I extended repeatedly and stayed here for three months!

As I was interested in Filipino culture, I went to many sightseeing spots with friends. It was very easy to make friends in WALES because the number of the students was small and the atmosphere in the academy was homey. In addition, I was never bored because there were the park, the shopping mall and the station near the academy. Above all, I loved Baguio city which was safe and has the great weather.

I recommend this academy to those who are not good at studying English, or those who are very beginners. If you are not really confident in your English, why don’t you start from one month like me? Maybe you would be more confident by talking with teachers and going out with your friends.

If you are very beginner and cannot speak English at all, I recommend you to bring a piece of paper and write about yourself, your home town etc. It would help you to start to talk in English! You do not really have to think about what will happen later. Just bring yourself and your cell phone! I hope you will have a great experience in the Philippines!