Ayato (19) Male, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Ayato
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 20 weeks

For Those Who Wants to Improve in a Short Period!
I decided to study here because I needed to enhance my English skill before going to working holiday. I stayed here for 20 weeks and took ESL course. At first, I could use only easy phrases and expressions, but now I can speak English so fluently that I have no problems in daily conversation.

I had 8 classes in a day. I set my goals with teachers and studied for them. I was also able to improve my pronunciation, which enhanced my whole English skills.
This academy provided delicious meals which were usually Korean foods. The facilities was not really in perfect condition, I was able to stay comfortably. Also it was really convenient that the academy was near from a shopping center and restaurants.

I recommend WALES to those who wants to learn in a homey environment, because teachers here were all friendly and kind.