Tatsu (22) Male, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Tatsu
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 4 weeks

Improved both pronunciation and listening skill!!

I took ESL course because I was a beginner (I needed to study English for my job). ESL course had 8 Classes a day and the classes especially focused on pronunciation training. Not only in pron-speaking classes, but also in other classes, teacher corrected my pronunciation, which greatly improved my pronunciation. I think by improving my pronunciation, I was able to advance in my listening skills.

The academy was kept clean and had good Wi-fi connections, which made my stay here more comfortable.

This academy was small scale and it was easy to have friends, and teachers and students were also good friends. We usually went out during weekends and spent fun time together 🙂
Students here studied hard and had their own goals as well. I recommend you to choose WALES if you want to both enjoy and study English hard!

I’m very satisfied with my short stay in the Philippines!