Taku (21) Male, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Taku
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: ESL / IELTS
– Duration: 7 weeks

Effective way of study: Man to man style.
I took both ESL and IELTS classes in Wales. I think 1:1 classes helped me to improve my speaking skill very much. I had many opportunities to speak English and I was able to ask any time in the classes. Also, teachers provided me lessons which suited with my English level. I think 1:1 classes are effective for beginners. Although I had an experience to study in the US, here I was able to improve my speaking and listening skill more than that. Now I am more proficient in English than before and I got a confidence with speaking English.

The faculties in Wales are new and comfortable, though sometimes I couldn’t connect WiFi… Since I did not stay in the dormitory in Wales, I did not have curfew and go out freely. Around Wales, there are many convenient facilities such as seven-eleven, and it was really comfortable to stay there.

In Wales, many students were studying hard and we always talked in English (because of English Only Policy) . Therefore I also recommend you to choose Wales if you want to study hard.