Mina (32) Female, Japanese

Student information:
– Name: Mina
– Nationality: Japanese
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 12 weeks

Great school for Beginners!
The reason why I decided to study English is in order to use it during traveling. I chose ESL and 3 share this time but my speaking was beginner level that I can speak word by word and understand a little…
There are many serious students in WALES with small amount of people. EOP(English Only Policy) is not so strict, so it let me feel a bit comfortable…haha. I could go out and study in a café after class, that’s why, how I could live was compatible with my style:)

There are mainly one on one classes and teacher caught up with my level. Perhaps, Beginners might be better remove Group class since I was silent because of my not enough speaking skill… Honestly speaking, teachers’ methods are different depends on their personality and skill. In the Philippines, it can not be helped because one on one classes are main. If you have proper reason, it is also possible to ask to change teachers or even subjects. This can be a good system for you:)

I chose WALES because of Wi-fi. I could basically connect it but sometimes couldn’t depends on time and place… School location can totally satisfy you when you run short of groceries or you want to do shopping. You can even prepare least baggage and make up for some stuff after you come to WALES.

Of course, not only good thing that I expected but I could be satisfied with WALES:)