The SECRETS of Teachers in WALES ~Pronunciation Training~ [YouTube]

Hello! Today’s our news letter topic is “Pronunciation training”. A few days ago, we introduced lecture trainings for teachers in another news letter. This time we will show you how teachers get pronunciation lecture skills and teach students good pronunciation.

When it comes to pronunciation, many Japanese have strong accents, which hinder students from improving their English skills. Therefore we put a special emphasis on pronunciation trainings both for teachers and students.
Especially for teachers, we provide

1.1 week special trainings for new teachers
2. Every day teachers’ training

We provide teachers how to teach pronunciation effectively so that they can use those methods in classes.

For example, there is [ə] : sound in English pronunciation, which is called “schwa”. This is a very obscure sound, but by using it effectually, your pronunciation becomes more native-like.To achieve this pronunciation, teachers are trained to pronounce it with their mouths closed, which makes their Philippine accents into native accents. They can also teach students that method.

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