Presentation Contest

TOPIC: Presentation Contest

1. Presentation Contest
In WALES, we have a presentation training for teachers, which is called “Mini Toast Masters”. All teachers are required to present in front of four evaluators and other teachers. But of course, students can join if they want! It hepls them a lot to find their weaknesses.
 1. Two teachers are selected randomly.
 2. Topics are determined by drawing lots.
 3. 1 min preparation
 4. 3 min speech
 5. Feedback (time keeping, pronunciation, grammar etc.)

I also joined onece, and it was challenging ^^; My topic was “What is the difference between happiness and happyness?”. Humm… it was difficult.
This practice is very effective not only for grammar and pronunciation skills but also presentation skills.

2.The ratio of nationality
Korean 38%
Japanese 15%
Taiwanese 8%
Yemen 8%
Saudi Arabia 27%
Libia 4%