For those who want to improve TOEIC and speaking skills at the same time!

Hello! Today’s our topic is “TOEIC course”!

1.TOEIC course
TOEIC course was originally included in ESL course, but we devided them so that students can focus on their specific goals. TOEIC course focuses on “Technic” while ESL concentrates on “Comprehension”.
We have experienced teachers for TOEIC and order new textbooks from Japan and Korea.

・1:1 classeses
Reading, Grammar, Writing, Speaking

・Group classes
Listening, Practice-test(Reading, Listening), Mentoring(Review of practice-test)

In addition to these classes, you can have optional night classes(Vocabulary tests).

We provide speaking and writing classes to enhance students’ skills effectively, but if you want, you can change them into reading and listening classes.

2.Water and electricity fee
We calculate students’ water and electricity fee depending on their consumptions. Therefore students can save money compare to other academies.