ESL Course

This course is the primary foundation of all advancing programs.

  • The classes are designed to help students understand the basic concepts of the language. 
  • Reinforces student’s knowledge before advancing to other programs. 

ESL Lite

To help Students who want to focus on specific skills.

ESL Lite A
ESL Lite B

COURSE Description

Group ClassesListeningTo aid learners understand the main points and useful information and expose them to more advanced note- taking skills with minimal audio repetitions.
DiscussionHelps the students to interact with other students which helps them to freely express their ideas and opinions.
PronunciationIntends to help learners to be familiar with phonemes, stress, rhythm, intonation, phrasing, which is important to develop clear speech.
1:1Speaking 1Helps language learners demonstrate effective use of proper vocabulary and expressions, grammar and sentence structure allowing accurate communication.
GrammarIntends to help learners understand the basic grammar concept and structures which is essential in speaking and writing.
WritingLearners are exposed to basic sentence structures, paragraph organization which helps learners have a well-structured writing.
ReadingDesigned to help students build effective reading skills. It focuses on learners reading comprehension.
VocabularyFocuses on the building and developing students’ vocabulary helpful in speaking, writing’ listening and reading.

Can I Change Subjects?

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Group Classes

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