Improved IELTS score in the Philippines!!

Do you know “the Philippines is one of the BEST for taking IELTS score”??

Taiwanese students, Yui and Cora answered our interview.

Both of them took IELTS course first and changed course into IELTS Intensive. This is common situation in WALES in order to step up from Beginner to Intermediate level!!


Cora (23)

In order to enter an university in UK, she needs to get IELTS score. She got overall band score 2.5 as an assessment exam but she was able to get 4.5 after 1.5 months course in WALES.


Yui (27)

Her purpose is to register as a nurse in Australia. Almost overall 7.0 is required to achieve this, so she needs to take IELTS course. Initial score 4.5 reached up to 6.0 within 4 months.


Yona (24歲)

– 姓名: Yona
– 國籍: 韓國
– 性別: 男
– 課程: ESL
– 課程期間: 5個月



Great environment let me improve!! / YEON (30)


Student information:
◇ Name: YEON
◇ Age: 30
◇ Nationality: KOREAN
◇ Program: ESL
◇ Duration: 8 weeks

Schools have a significant role in their students’ life.

To develop and to broaden their perspective, most students have difficulties in finding an English school which can mold them to become globally competitive in English.

I was motivated to learn English abroad but had trouble choosing which school to attend.
Many agencies introduced me different names of schools but I needed to consider many factors when choosing an academy.

Driven by her curiosity of WALES, a school that was introduced by my sister, I enrolled in this academy and stayed for 2months. I loved the learning environment for my teachers were good. “I like my teachers because they are kind, friendly, witty, approachable and professional. ”

I took the ESL program and was grateful that I had improved in English. I also developed my social skills when I went traveling around together with some students. Visiting Vigan, Hundred Islands, San Fernando and other places in the Philippines was a great opportunity for me because it provided real- life application of what she has learned.

I recommend WALES as an effective learning English school because the teachers and the administrative staffs are very kind and approachable. If I would be given the chance to continue studying English, I would want to be back because the school has become a part of my life and I want to cherish all the memories.